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Terms of Service Terviseabi


General terms

  1. The terms and conditions of sale apply to to the rights and obligations arising from the purchase of goods and services between the customer of terviseabi.ee (hereinafter the Customer) and Tervise Abi OÜ (hereinafter Terviseabi online store).
  2. In addition to the terms and conditions listed here, Terviseabi online store relies on the laws of the Republic of Estonia (such as Law of Obligations Act, Consumer Protection Act and other relevant legislations).
  3. Terviseabi online store reserves the right to make changes in the terms and conditions. The said changes will be reflected on the terviseabi.ee website.


  1. All the prices at the online store include 20% VAT.
  2. Prices are valid from the ordering moment until the order expires in three days.
  3. In case the terms and/or prices have been changed directly after submitting the order, the terms and conditions that were valid before the changes will be used processing the order.
  4. Terviseabi online store reserves the right to adjust the prices. The said changes will be reflected on the terviseabi.ee website.

Submitting an order

  1. Add items to the shopping cart.
  2. To submit the order, click on the „Your Shopping Cart“ link.
  3. In order to submit the order, you must fill the needed blanks – user account (guest or register), the delivery and payment method, tick the box for accepting the terms and conditions and click on the „Confirm Purchase“ link.
  4. Fill all necessary data carefully. The accuracy of the contact information presented in the order determines whether delays and misunderstandings arise in the delivery of goods or not.
  5. When paying for the order, the Customer can choose whether to use the link for Swedbank, SEB, Sampo, Nordea or any other bank or to pay by invoice. All the prices are given in euros and total sum with taxes is shown on the screen after submitting the order.
  6. Submitted orders will be handled on working days from Monday to Friday 8.00 until 17.00. Orders submitted after 14.00 will be handled next working day.

Entry into force of the contract of sale

  1. Contract of sale obliges Terviseabi online store to deliver the ordered goods (which Terviseabi online store either already posesses or will possess in the future) to the Customer. Customer is obliged to pay the amount on the invoice and to accept the order as it is delivered to the Customer.
  2. Orders that have not been paid for in three days will be canceled.
  3. The contract of sale will enter into force when the amount to be paid according to the order confirmation has been credited to the current account of Terviseabi online store.


  1. After the contract of sale has entered into force, Terviseabi online store will complete the order and hand it over to their logistics partners for the delivery.
  2. Orders over 30€ are free of delivery charge. In case the order is under 30€, extra 4€ will be charged for delivery. Terviseabi online store uses Omniva logistics for the deliveries.
  3. Terviseabi online store delivers the orders in five working days from receiving the payment on the Terviseabi online store bank account.
  4. The accuracy of the contact information presented determines whether delays and misunderstandings arise in the delivery of goods or not.
  5. Terviseabi online store is not taking responsibility of the delays, in the cases where Terviseabi online store has handed the goods over to logistics partners in time, but the delays come from circumstances unknown and unpredictable to Terviseabi online store. 

Right to return

  1. After receiving the order, Customer has 14 days to cancel the order without giving any reasons for doing so.
  2. Customer is liable for any damage to the goods if the goods have been used other ways from their purpose. In order to see if everything meets the Customer´ s criteria, goods should be observed only as it is normally allowed to observe goods in stores.
  3. In order to return the goods, an application must be filled in. The form is available on the webpage and it needs to be sent on the e-mail address info@terviseabi.ee in 14 days from the delivery.
  4. Customer needs to return the goods in 14 days from submitting the application or to submit a proof that the goods have been handed over to logistics.
  5. Customer does not need to return the goods using logistics if Terviseabi online store has agreed to pick up goods by itself.
  6. Terviseabi online store reimburses the money paid for the returned goods to the customer immediately but no later than within 14 days after receiving the statement of withdrawal, except for the costs of returning the goods.

Force majeure

  1. Terviseabi online store is not liable to the Customer for the caused damages or the delay of the delivery of the product if the damages or the delay of the delivery are caused by events that could not have been avoided or foreseen by Terviseabi online store.


  1. By entering data, Customer gives concent for Terviseabi online store to collect and process Customer´s personal data (name, phone number, address for the delivery, e-mail address) and to share the data also with the logistics partners only to execute  orders.
  2. Terviseabi online store has the right to use Customer´s data to send out commercial and other information.
  3. Customer has right to refuse from collecting and using their personal data, unless it is necessary for settleing any arguments or for delivering the goods.
  4. Terviseabi online store uses the electronical data only if Customer has ticked the agreement box on the webpage.
  5. Using the encrypted bank links, the Customer is liable for the safety.

Claims procedure

  1. Terviseabi online store is liable for any lack of conformity of a product when it appears within two years as of the date of delivery of the product.
  2. Customer has the right to turn to Terviseabi online store no later than two months after discovering the defect. Customer also needs to present the invoice from the purchase.
  3. Customer needs to stop using the item as soon as the defect has occurred.
  4. Terviseabi online store and Customer agree on whether the defected item will be repaired or replaced. The costs concerning the repairment or replacement will be covered by Terviseabi online store.
  5. Terviseabi online store is not liable for any damage done to the goods by Customer due to wrong storage or not using the goods as to their purpose.
  6. If a defect occures, the Customer must fill the form for returning (there is a link on the bottom of the page) or send an e-mail to info@terviseabi.ee including the name of the Customer, phone number, order number and the precise description of the defect.
  7. The statement must be sent no later than two months after discovering the defect.
  8. All complaints will be dealt with as early as possible but no later than 14 days since receiving the complaint.
  9. Customer has the right to ask Terviseabi online store to reduce the price of the damaged goods or to end the contract of sale and ask for full refund if Terviseabi online store cannot repair or replace the defected goods; also if repairing or replacing fails; if Terviseabi online store has not solved the problem within reasonable amount of time or if Terviseabi online store has caused unreasonable inconviniences to the Customer.  

Customer´s rights to seek help

  1. If Terviseabi online store has refused to solve Customers complaint or if Customer is not satisfied with the solution offered by Terviseabi online store, finding that Terviseabi online store has violated their rights or undermined their interests, the Customer has the right to seek help from the Consumer Disputes Committee or to file a complaint to Court. Customer can file the complaint by themselves or by using representative. The contacts for Consumer Disputes Committee are up on the Consumer Protection Board webpage. In order to solve any issues within European Union, complaint must be filed to European Consumer Centre of Estonia.

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